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acideath March 2011
(new) Folk/Viking Metal [17]
Korpiklaani, Finntroll, Ensiferium, Turisas etc I need new Folk Metal sounds Help?
acideath July 2010
(new) Good old school punk [25]
No green day, offspring or skater poppunk etc

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acideath July 2010
Any concert that Therion have put on Iv missed and wished I went. Dont think they have been down under though so I guess that dosnt count. Chuck spann
acideath July 2010
To many to count but Im going to miss Clutch on the 25th of Feb, was going to pull a sickie but we havnt been workin fvck all and need the money
acideath August 2010
Im listening to Prime Mover by Zodiac Mindwarp right now, thats rock
acideath March 2010
I want to kill her and feed her to some pigs. Talentless kvnt
acideath January 2010
Dunno if they have a following here, im an immigrant but m following them there. Couldnt give a fk if Im the only one there, they serve beer where the

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