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axlisbak April 2021
(new) Newest Pop song hit? [145]
Feel free to post a new song you have heard recently that you predict will be in the top 40 charts within the next few months and lets see what predic
axlisbak February 2018
(new) Any Wheeler Walker Jr fans here? (1)
After hearing him on a few podcasts I fully get his style and why he does what he does, god bless him.
axlisbak March 2010
(new) punk-o-matic 2 (5)
this game deserves a mention here, its a flash game on newgrounds where you create punk songs using hundreds of soundbites of guitars, bass and drums.
axlisbak January 2010
(new) 360! [16]
check out 'youre so fake' by this guy, opinions from sane people appreciated rolleyes
axlisbak November 2009
(new) born into the 90s (9)
got this 3 cd compilation yesterday and im really enjoying it. its got 54 tracks of 1990s rock and alternative acts such as: hole, soundgarden, sonic

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axlisbak 45 minutes
(new) Based Gareth
axlisbak 45 minutes
Cloud Nothings - Wasted Days
axlisbak January 2014
Sunn O)))
axlisbak September 2020
omg camel
axlisbak June 2010
if you check out xavier, see the letter , fortune and mother. three of his best songs

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