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aznblaze September 2010
(new) DUBSTEP [14]
i cant c a thread on Dubstep on here, is anyone into it? I gt introduced to it abt a week ago and im reali addicted to it...!! Dubstep is the future i

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aznblaze June 2011
surrp, pain killers, cigarette, weed.. Im on everything!!
aznblaze June 2011
youtube search me: Sif Starr - The Wickedest
aznblaze August 2010
aznblaze May 2010
he needs his own album, imagine him over sum filthy dubstep? :)
aznblaze April 2010
bin ova decade since cronic 2001...i gave up anticipatin, i dnt bleev dr dre cos hes a wen it come to bleev it wen i c...if i du c it, im

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