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baggy10 October 2012
(new) metal festivals (7)
As much as i enjoy download for the most part, i think it is too watered down with emo and metalcore bands on the lineups, there should be a festival
baggy10 February 2012
(new) burzum [14]
Master of minimalist ambient black metal or talentless hack who only has any relevance and publicity because he's a murderer? Discuss
baggy10 November 2011
(new) melodic death metal [29]
i never used to listen to this much in the past but over the last couple of months ive been really gettting into it, anyone want to name your fav band
baggy10 August 2011
(new) children of bodom (7)
i know they arent exactly a new band but i have to say they are pretty amazing. does anyone else like them? if so what are your fav songs and albums b
baggy10 July 2011
(new) amazing albums [29]
do you have any albums that you could never get tired of listening to? any that you think doesnt have a weak song on it? share with us all what you th

* Replies:
baggy10 September 2013
wish i could have gone instead of working all weekend :(
baggy10 June 2024
because the mid 90s norwegian black metal scene represents metal as a whole, especially almost 20 years later, right?
baggy10 15 hours
before the dawn - guardian
baggy10 September 2013
i wish i was but unfortunately not :( cant get time off work to go
baggy10 March 2014
@ wildhart - 3.04.13 - 12:26am Its a strange one, there are some good tunes but there is a lot of filler a

* Favourites:
djdean June 2012
(new) DevilDriver vs. Lamb Of God [11]
I like both bands, what you think which is better?
uwais786 February 2012
(new) Metal BBM group (7)
Ok, don't impale me yet. I was just thinking the other day that a lot of people want to know more about metal and metal bands, songs I though

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