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byakko June 2012
(new) metal bbm group (4)
Would anyone with a blackberry and into metal be interested in joining my bbm group?
byakko February 2010
(new) Black metal [14]
Favourite bands,albums and songs here please :) I'm quite enjoying Abigail Williams' In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns right now.

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byakko August 2013
Autolux :)
byakko August 2013
Then listen to Black Flag
byakko August 2013
I'm only going if they play the whole Master of Puppets album.They truly are cr*p now.I really wish our local promotion companies would bring bands wh
byakko August 2018
New Deftones,new Converge,cannot wait
byakko October 2012
I second that.Heaviest South African stuff I've heard in a very long time,and above that,they write good songs.Check out a band called Hour of Penance

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