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cr4zy0n3 June 2016
(new) Katatonia - The Fall of Hearts (4)
These guys never fail to deliver, yet again another masterpiece of this Swedish metal band that continues to amaze me in every new song they write. He
cr4zy0n3 June 2013
(new) Construct [19]
Dark Tranquillity at it's finest. This album made me completely speachless, it's just epic.
cr4zy0n3 July 2012
(new) Smile Empty Soul (6)
Smile Empty Soul are back at it unleashing a brand new release for the world to gobble up entitled 3's. The vibe of the release is one of strength, me
cr4zy0n3 March 2012
(new) Chevelle (2)
Hats Off to the Bull is out!!! for a while now lol but havent seen any post here so...brilliant album as expected, they can never let you down...each
cr4zy0n3 May 2011
(new) 'Darkest Hour' [17]
'The Human Romance' is here to assert itself as one of 2011's brightest and equally strongest musical points. The band now have a strong dynamic and p

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cr4zy0n3 3 days
Three Days Grace - You don't get me high anymore (Phantogram cover)
cr4zy0n3 3 days
JJ and The Pillars - The wolves
cr4zy0n3 3 days
You are a wreck! Happy now?
cr4zy0n3 October 2016
cr4zy0n3 November 2016
I don't usually like this kind of generic crap but faded is bearable.

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