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crass80 May 2011
(new) MC Bushpig (2)
Splatter rap at its best. Youtube it
crass80 August 2010
(new) Drinking alone (10)
Yea Ihave no mates, but beside that do any of you like to get drunk and crank your sounds? I know only get to play half my music when im by myself. Be
crass80 April 2010
(new) Sun 0))) (6)
Any one here like them? Just sending out feelers Stratboy no need to comment

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crass80 February 2013
Your child in my sites as I pull back the hammer, my aim is just right as I squeeze the trigger Ima cold blood psycopathic maniac my favourite method
crass80 March 2011
Eggs well done are not the best. They should always be runny
crass80 February 2011
best at what?
crass80 September 2010
luck, i just wish it was more
crass80 August 2010
The day i get off my fat a*se and excersice i will let you know. But beat the b****rds as mentioned previous page would be a start.

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