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dan7h May 2024
(new) prodigy (6)
saw them at carling academy brum last night. Quality. Some of their new stuff is right back on form, can see few of the weird grungy fans selling thei

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dan7h May 2009
going to see them tues night so should hear bit more then
dan7h May 2009
der der der der der der der der
dan7h May 2009
prodigy, although not if next yrs album steps even more in direction of appealing to males that wear makeup and find things such as daylight and sport
dan7h May 2010
didn't realise jamie had music culture bout him
dan7h January 2009
jimpy appeared in it since 99 or 2000. Can't remember which yr. Dull story but him gettin in then shows didn't take many votes to shift ppl up and ont

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