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dwane83 August 2009
(new) music genres? (4)
exactly how many music genres are there and how exactly do you know what genres bands fall into, seems like most bands just make up their own!
dwane83 April 2009
(new) bollywood? [28]
my friend is having a bollywood theme party and wants me to download some music for it but havent got a clue what to get. any help please?

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dwane83 July 2010
dwane83 July 2010
isnt it best rock stars die young, then they live on in ledgend, noone wants to see old rockstars! its a shame he died but i think slipknot have peake
dwane83 July 2011
iris - goo goo dolls, november rain - guns n roses, theres so many tho!

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