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garion 2017
(new) Kate Bush Interview (4)
BBC 6 MUSIC (channel 707 on FreeView tv's) tomorrow (Sun 20th) at 13:00. A world exclusive, talking about the upcoming Before The Da
garion October 2016
(new) *SOUND ADVICE* [182]
A topic for everyone to share their hints and tips about how to make your music sound even better..
garion October 2015
(new) I Can't Believe It's Not Better (2)
Just been subjected to the dispiriting sight of PIL on Later, with Lydon donning spectacles to (very obviously) read the snarling lyrics to Double Tro
garion August 2015
(new) New Leftfield Album [13]
'Alternative Light Source' due out June 8th, their first since 1999. Currently streaming 'Head and Shoulders' featuring Sleaford Mods,
garion March 2015
(new) Kate Bush [17]
On BBC4 tonight: 'The Kate Bush Story: Running Up That Hill' 21:10 to 22:10 followed by Kate Bush at the BBC 22:10 to 23:10.

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garion 30 days
The riff from 'Murder One' bears a (possibly actionable) resemblance to a ditty entitled 'Immigrant Song' by a certain Mr L Zeppelin m'lud.. I mean c
garion March 2017
That's disappointing poor.gif, there's me listening to Before The Dawn and thinking how cool and wonderful she is, and she's a secret tory? As Gru would
garion 30 days
@ 4juice - 30.11.16 - 02:02pm Already loving the new album and seeing them live again for the second time
garion 4 days
@ niceguyben - 23.11.16 - 12:32am Moth into flame by MetallicaWhat do you think of the album
garion November 2016
Audiolab 8300cd through Chord Cobra balanced XLR cables to Audiolab 8300a integrated amp feeding a pair of [b]Monitor Audio Silve

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emski 4 days
(new) What u listenin' 2? pinned [41580]
Ok millionth one i know... I'll start Machine Head - Now i lay thee down

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