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halman September 2010
(new) RUSH [16]
Anything and everything on Lifeson,Peart, and Lee
halman April 2010
(new) Label Free Rock [17]
Fed up of labels and pidgeon holes that rock music gets thrown into? Have your say on the confusing names used to describe a style. Be free of these a

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halman April 2015
Think Floyd
halman May 2013
Good ones no6. 'Hold Your Head Up' by Argent is a good old tune,the lyrics are apt.
halman July 2013
YES, with the various members through the years. Howe, Sqire, Bruford, Anderson, Wakeman et al. Too many Zep tracks but 'The Battle of Evermore' is a
halman 2 days
@ no6 - 10.05.13 - 10:44am Adam Ant is the blueblack hussar in marrying the gunners daughter!
halman April 2013
Hey mabster, I have a 2cd best of by Tiesto grin4

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