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hugzilla November 2022
(new) Baptism songs (1)
... Just thought i'd join in
hugzilla September 2013
(new) Pearl Jam vs Nivana [128]
For me... It has to be Pearl Jam. 17 years together. Album after album of excellence. Smells like teen spirit dont even touch Evenflow or Alive... So
hugzilla September 2010
(new) Pearl Jam [25]
Any big fans here? I love this band. And fall.guy i'll enter your response for you *generic snob comment*
hugzilla August 2009
(new) Black Stone Cherry [13]
Any fans? Saw them for the second time last night. They are amazing
hugzilla August 2009
(new) Pearl Jam 09 (5)
Manchester August 17th London Aug 18 :) i booked tickets :) cant wait man!

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hugzilla June 2022
D12 are utterly fantastic. They win hands down.
hugzilla January 2010
Aesop Rock.
hugzilla January 2010
He clearly stole the moonwalk. and how would that help him sneak up on kids stupid
hugzilla January 2010
you're 33 strat. its time to grow up.
hugzilla January 2010
star's hilarious and utterly original breakfast joke had us all in stitches for hours.

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