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king397 August 2021
(new) Iron Maiden (6)
Wow! This band is amazing!
king397 August 2018
(new) Upcoming Albums [32]
list any announced album, any genre.
king397 April 2017
(new) diana krall (2)
she's amazing!!!
king397 April 2017
(new) Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Part 3? (1)
I heard that 'Raekwon' is working on a new album. Oh please let it be 'ONLY BUILT 4 CUBAN LINX PT3' PLEASE PLEASE RAEKWON im BEGGING U! OH MY! I JUST
king397 April 2017
(new) RIP Big Syke (1)
Died @48 of natural causes

* Replies:
king397 November 2016
king397 November 2016
I don't think you like yourself.
king397 November 2016
Who's alanwalker?
king397 November 2016
and don't be sensitive and angry at the sh*t that I wrote/ cuz if you can take a fu*king d!ck, you can take a joke - Immortal Technique
king397 September 2016
Iron Maiden is great

* Favourites:
six August 2015
(new) Worst misinterpreted lyrics [21]
This comes after hearing 'Lithium' by Nirvana earlier, remembering how years ago I thought the line which goes ''I'm so h0rny, that's ok my will is g
maberry January 2015
(new) Deep house [56]
Just in case somebody likes this music i made a topic. My fave producers so far are Maceo Plex and Finnebassen but i also like som aleatory songs. Wha
king397 January 2018
(new) Upcoming Albums [32]
list any announced album, any genre.
king397 August 2014
(new) Underground RAP 101 [76]
currently the best... Turn off the radio and listen to real rap and not the mainstream hip pop.
anduan September 2020
(new) After 2Pac.... [21]
.....Elvis is Alive too!

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