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malenw October 2022
(new) Top10 overrated [13]
Bands..10.rhcp 9.jethro tull 8.the cure 7.the fall 6.oasis 5.coldplay 4.radiohead 3.u2 2.metallica ...1.Nirvana .
malenw April 2017
(new) Jimi hendrix (3)
Voodoo child...documentary tonite on bbc4 22.45pm
malenw June 2010
(new) Peter green (7)
Documentary on guitarist green about to start in a few min. On bbc 4 ...
malenw November 2009
(new) Best prog rock band [18]
In their day what would u say was the best prog rock band ...without doubt for me it was Marillion...
malenw July 2009
(new) Guitar Help.. (6)
If u wanna know the chords to any song ..inbox me...heres a post to share stuff on playing stuff...

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malenw October 2011
twinkle twinkle little star ?
malenw July 2011
dont buy an album after Signals ..this record was the bands death knell..they were complete cack after this
malenw April 2011
it was shyte...bit like joy division
malenw July 2010
Weary boring rock...prog rock at its worst
malenw July 2010
Status quo

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