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method1 May 2024
(new) INCUBUS [29]
any fans? if so favourite song, album etc
method1 May 2024
(new) dmx (10)
any fans? favourite album? song? etc etc
method1 July 2014
(new) the prodigy [151]
who all likes them? iv seen them live a few times n they are amazing! wots your favourite album-i change my mind all the time but i think i would go w
method1 October 2010
(new) Ice cube [28]
Whats your opinion on him people? In my opinion he a legend and one of the best to ever do it! Classic album after classic album with out fail..some p
method1 August 2010
(new) NIN [32]
any fans?favourite album etc?

* Replies:
method1 3 hours
King tee - just flaunting music.gif
method1 July 2014
music.gif Molotov biitch Chav.gif
method1 April 2012
method1 October 2010
Red hot chilli peppers - blood sex sugar magic
method1 October 2010
Ice cube -the predator,alanis morissette -jagged little pill,bjork -debut

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