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mrratty October 2022
(new) Rave Breaks? (1)
Any one else on here into Rave breaks?
mrratty November 2009
(new) What happened to.. (5)
What happened to Steve Jackson-ex-kissfm.streetboy-ex-kissfm.bambam-ex-kissfm. Lady g-ex choice fm.commander b-ex-choicefm.pete wardman-ex-kissfm.. Ju
mrratty November 2009
(new) Regga tune id?? (2)
An old reggae tune with the lyrics 'dem a call us pirates , dem a call us illegal broadcasters...' ? Thanx
mrratty September 2009
(new) 4 strings (2)
Anybody else like these ibiza tune making legends? all their music is so good! espec.the new remixes of take me away! :)
mrratty September 2009
(new) Eruption (2)
Anybody else like eruptionfm? or is there no hardc*re/old skool people in here?

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mrratty March 2010
DJ Jolie is a great house dj.well worth checkin out her sets
mrratty February 2010
Hip hop is mostly pop music too now anyway..5ocent aint really hiphop is he?? come on..
mrratty April 2011
Downloadin is mayb the future as Hmv is not including cds and music in its future plans where i am there aint really anywhere else..
mrratty January 2010
What about tears? What a tune
mrratty November 2009
stratboy your such a d@ck.jus because your not interested in the topic not need to say that or get involved is there? To everyone else who replied.tha

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