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nuqi September 2020
(new) New Green Day Album (5)
I have been impressed by Green Day Album, I honestly think their previous albums weren't too good. The Demolicious album is great, have you had a list
nuqi April 2014
(new) Within Temptation Paradise ( What About Us) (1)
This is some awesome stuff! Checkout the youtube video if you wanna know what I am on about. WT feature! And it's official WT are back in
nuqi April 2013
(new) Within Temptation Q Music Session (6)
Within Temptation have been reduced to a clich pop band with their recent album. Bruno Mars, David Guetta Enrique Iglesias...What Have They Done? Why
nuqi January 2011
(new) Political Rap (9)
This is the only kinda of rap that makes the most sence t me.From KRS1,Blaq Poet,Public Enemy to Dead Prez.Their socio issues stream out with a vermon
nuqi January 2010
(new) Your Fav Xmas Songs? [18]
My favorites are: Santa Baby by lina(I know Kylie, Taylor and Madonna have done this song too).Its a cute and skitty little number, it surely puts a s

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nuqi June 2015
nuqi September 2020
Yup, it's a compilation of possible good songs. I agree their Uno,Dos, Tres albums sucked . But I think with this Demo album, something good came out
nuqi January 2014
Slim Shaddy a rap god! Not in this lifetime...
nuqi November 2013
Big L was the king of the Mic...RIP Kid.
nuqi August 2014
Everyone hating on rap music....u r just playing the racial stereotype card.Just coz u ain't black don't mean u've to HATE our music.

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