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oasisuk April 2010
(new) Mansun (7)
Great band from the late 90's,never made it huge but attack of the grey lantern and little kix are great album. My favourite single is i can only disa
oasisuk January 2010
(new) Joe le taxi (8)
Just a great song and great video
oasisuk November 2009
(new) Panic (9)
Burn down the disco hang the blessed dj coz the music that they constantly play it says nothing to me about my life
oasisuk September 2009
(new) Noel quits Oasis [55]
Noel's quit coz he can no longer stand working with liam. Hope it's only temporary...
oasisuk April 2009
(new) Favourite 60's song (8)
Mine is probably whiter shade of pale by Procol Harum... what's yours?

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oasisuk June 2014
Not the alien head
oasisuk August 2013
can't wait, won't be going
oasisuk June 2013
Jane Birkin
oasisuk June 2013
going nowhere perhaps
oasisuk June 2013
I'm in a 'Stiff Little Fingers' tribute band. We're called 'Arthritis'.

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