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rav3n September 2023
(new) Rick Astley [14]
i don't remember seeing a topic about his single (Lights Out) that came out last year so tell me what do you think about it. Funny thing is that i thi
rav3n June 2018
(new) RIP Vinnie Paul (3)
Founding member of Pantera and some other non-relevant groups. 54 is a pretty young age to die at. Rip
rav3n November 2017
(new) rip Ray Manzarek (4)
the influental the Doors co-founder and keyboardist has passed away in the age of 74. RIP.
rav3n November 2016
(new) Leonard Cohen (2)
Rest in peace.
rav3n May 2016
(new) oh sweet Prince (10)
a pop icon, a legend, a multitalented musician... Tonight the Doves Cry. Rest in peace.

* Replies:
rav3n May 2019
Wait does stratboy live in york?
rav3n June 2018
A heart attack or an overdose of groove metal
rav3n November 2017
rav3n January 2017
I do, too bad they're more of a death metal band than a grindcore band these days
rav3n August 2018
Enjoy 128kbps quality

* Favourites:
mshippy July 2015
(new) Spotify on phone (5)
Any1 know can ya get spotify on a nokia or does it have to be 1 of them i phone type phones thanks
maberry January 2015
(new) Deep house [56]
Just in case somebody likes this music i made a topic. My fave producers so far are Maceo Plex and Finnebassen but i also like som aleatory songs. Wha
emski 1 day 12 hours
(new) What u listenin' 2? pinned [41435]
Ok millionth one i know... I'll start Machine Head - Now i lay thee down
jef87 September 2014
(new) hardc*re scene world wide (1)
in hardc*re we see strangers as brothers. post your local scene report here
wildhart November 2020
(new) DEATH TO ALL BUT METAL pinned [524]
Not really of course I'm not a music . BUT there is nothing like metal music, the passion, intensity and invetiveness. Whether we are talking thrash,

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