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resevil3 August 2011
(new) akon sucks [58]
how many of you guys think that akon sucks? i definitely do. he is cr*p
resevil3 August 2009
(new) marilyn manson [12]
how many of you guys listen to him?
resevil3 July 2009
(new) best drummer [14]
who do you think is better! travis of Blink 182 or joey of slipknot?
resevil3 May 2009
(new) miley cyrus [40]
can anyone give me miley cyrus email address ? any other ways i can contact her ?
resevil3 May 2009
(new) Evanescene or slipk [74]
who do u guys Prefer, evanescence or slipknot???

* Replies:
resevil3 1 day 6 hours
airsupply all out of love
resevil3 April 2010
are they still alive
resevil3 September 2009
bon jovi...... what a rocking band... past , present and the future
resevil3 August 2009
d.a lewy is mad. hez a c*ck...
resevil3 August 2009
bon jovi... he rocks.. and will forever. hez the man

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