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rich.boi November 2009
(new) S.A. House (7)
Who do u think is d hottest dj on d south african house scene right now?
rich.boi October 2009
(new) RnB and Blues (1)
Wats the slowest, saddest rnb/blues song that u knw? Il start with Brian McKnight-One Last Cry
rich.boi July 2009
(new) Best S.A. MC's (8)
Iv noticed that thers a gud response 4 s.a. hiphop so i thought bout doin a lil summin lyk this. Vote for who u thnk da best 5 s.a. MC's are. Once the
rich.boi July 2009
(new) Sleeping on the job (1)
You've probably heard already. Lil wayne is being sued for over a half a million for sleeping in a hotel room during his concert. Wtf?
rich.boi July 2009
(new) Man i love college (10)
Not that this isnt another pointless topic... I used to think that asher roth song is utter cr*p. But now hearing it more often, im growing a strange

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rich.boi May 2010
rich.boi September 2009
Motion Man and Kutmasta Kurt's remix of Linkin Park's In The End, titled 'Enth E Nd'
rich.boi September 2009
(new) - lots of free tones
rich.boi September 2009
rich.boi September 2009
What does that even mean?

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