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rozz30 November 2009
(new) Any drummers [13]
Near peterbourogh who want to join a band if so inbox me
rozz30 November 2009
(new) Bauhaus (6)
Any body seen them live recently

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rozz30 May 2012
captain beefhart .hawkwing or bauhaus with the lights turnd out thats what i used to do but i dont smoke anymore
rozz30 November 2011
I personaly like farout drug related music stoneye each to there own if syd didnt fk up i personly think thay would of be better .i just went a lil to
rozz30 November 2011
Sid being out of his face proberly boosted his creativety.
rozz30 May 2021
Children of bordum lol
rozz30 October 2011
Good old school like sabbath . Lmao at elasic ones

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