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shamanix July 2010
(new) Love Parade 2010 (10)
R.I.P to the people who lost their lives in this tragedy...
shamanix February 2010
(new) Britney's Circus [14]
It's a circus of rubbish though,as I was fortunate enough to be the subject of torture,when my staff played this! How music like this or whatever they
shamanix January 2010
(new) Best/Worst of 2009 (9)
Which band/DJ/Group etc, did a good job this year, and which didn't?
shamanix January 2009
(new) The ORB.. (7)
Any fans out there? I reckon their album 'The Dream' is one of the finest pieces of electronica to come out this year..

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shamanix April 2015
@ suges - 21.08.13 - 02:16pm Arctic chill with four-to-the-floor beats and a tinge of psytrance influence. Love it
shamanix July 2014
The Prodge must still bring out a s**t album...
shamanix September 2020
Thomas Datt-Narani...
shamanix April 2015
I might have Chill Out Or Die volume 2 or 3 somewhere still... haven't given it a listen in a while...

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