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slick_01 October 2021
(new) RAP IS THE FUTURE [227]
Rap/hiphop music is the future of all music, its already overtaking all other type of music and will never die out rap2
slick_01 October 2020
(new) Kat Deluna (3)
wat happend to her? i never liked her or her music though
slick_01 November 2018
(new) Zayn Malik [13]
What do you think of his music?
slick_01 February 2018
(new) Slipknot [14]
If you listen to their music your'e most probably intoxicated with narcotics most of the times or you're deranged for_sure.gif
slick_01 January 2018
(new) Adele (7)
She told me she was sorry....but I wasn't convinced pmpl.gif

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