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trunking 26 days
(new) Ellie Goulding (6)
Which song do you prefer? or [link]Burn:https://o
trunking September 2023
(new) What's your Vocal Range? (5)
I know, completely random lol.gif but anyway.. What vocal range are you? Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Contralto, Tenor, Countertenor/Alto, Baritone or
trunking May 2022
(new) Party playlist (2)
List 10 cool songs and their artists that you'd play during a party..

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cewt October 2022
(new) For the Love of Funk. (3)
Anyone into Jazz/Funk?Love music with a good beat, nice sexy bass line and smooth harmonies! Always gets me wanting to dance.
xredmanx April 2022
(new) *uk grime scene* [1478]
Ne uk grime peepz out der a fink it gettin bigga n wana see more uk grime artists break thru sign in n tell us ya fave artist!

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