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vampboy September 2023
(new) question [14]
do you just download music off the internet, or do you purchase albums from authorised dealers?
vampboy August 2018
(new) korn or slipknot [29]
as the title says. which band do you prefer more?
vampboy June 2011
(new) post hardc*re (9)
define this genre and name a few bands if you know any of this genre. i have been listening to saosin lately i freaking love this band i heard its pos

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vampboy September 2023
kind of feel bad because i just convert youtube videos to mp3 and i claim that i love those bands more than anything yet i don't help them. sigh
vampboy September 2023
dont piracy
vampboy September 2023
happy good boy.
vampboy August 2011
sorry about that reply man. I was a bit high.
vampboy October 2011
drag queen. lol.

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