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warded September 2023
(new) Buying and Selling [22]
Do you still buy Compact Discs, Vinyl Records or even Cassette Tapes?
warded November 2022
(new) Rhapsody (3)
Their latest album Zero Gravity is pretty weak facepalm They were best before changing their
warded October 2022
(new) Jacob Bienenhalm's LOL, Internet (1)
Listening to the ''album'' on Youtubes Topic/Album view... (Nintendo Switch's YT Application v2.0.0 Provided by Google Inc.)
warded October 2021
(new) Iron Maiden Senjutsu (3)
The songs they have released officially are downright mediocre. Another 7/10 album happening ??
warded June 2021
(new) RIP Alexi Laiho (9)
Has died only at the age of 41. Most known for being the front-man of Children of Bodom.

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warded 3 days
kaeaerijae and erika vikmann - ruoska
warded 1 day 16 hours
indeed tea
warded 1 day 16 hours
Andreas Tannen Berger
warded 3 days
nevermore - heart collector
warded 3 days
blind guardian - and then there was silence

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