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xashanx September 2014
(new) Gojira fans! (7)
what your favorite album, song?
xashanx August 2014
(new) Guitarists (1)
What style do you practice?
xashanx May 2010
(new) msg fans (2)
anyone here into michael schenker? One of my favs.
xashanx October 2009
(new) benediction post (1)
c'mon all you fans.any recommendations? . im really into their album 'the dreams you dread'.. thanks
xashanx September 2009
(new) shining (3)
any fans here? was watching black metalk satanica and came across this band. suicidal black metal? whats the concept behind this?

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xashanx September 2014
i meant what's sorry.
xashanx August 2010
come to think of it theres a guy who plays great with a s**t yamaha guitar. So i agree with the poster above who said its playing which matters.
xashanx July 2010
this is blood confusing. sad
xashanx July 2010
xashanx June 2014

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