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xpagodax July 2009
(new) Luchagors (3)
Anyone know when there touring uk?
xpagodax November 2008
(new) Steven Seagal (5)
Anyone know when the next tour is planned i know he was in newcastle in 06 or 07
xpagodax November 2008
(new) Action design (2)
Anyone know the name of there album

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xpagodax April 2011
Only two types of music good and bad
xpagodax February 2011
xpagodax September 2010
Awake and alive, comatose, rebirth, hero dont like the earlier stuff to full on with the whole jesus stuff
xpagodax August 2010
Eminen is not even an eminen fan go down load icp's aint notin but a b*tch thang, or slim an*s lol
xpagodax June 2010
Against the dark was good lol and onion movie

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