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zoobik68 2019
zoobik68 2013
(new) The Beatles (6)
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds?????????? Picture yourself in a boat on a river,With tangerine trees and marmalade skies.Somebody calls you, you answer
zoobik68 October 2012
(new) It Bites (1)
Last time i bothered to listen to them was circa 80s with Calling all the Heroes, Now there a blood good rock band, just got there Map of the Past cd,

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zoobik68 April 2021
I predict that each and every pop song from now till then will be utter utter.... utter guff!!!!
zoobik68 November 2013
all of them i guess, but Rainbow Stargazer sticks out in my mind
zoobik68 October 2013
yup rtl was a good breakthrough album, but master of puppets made them mainstream, if you like the old thrash tallic then yup, rtl is the one
zoobik68 June 2013
only thing i liked about oasis was that b side noel done, nowhere train i think it was, i really like that that song, and he was right to disband oasi
zoobik68 June 2013
what cantona said

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