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joybags 22 hours
(new) New Last letter game pinned [13266]
Yaaay.. Lets go.. 1st word.. Enigma.. Manicure
emmag May 2024
(new) Am new here (0)
I need more bud am bored
amrick67 April 2024
(new) Old account (1)
Is there a way to recover and old account I had on here?
atreyu89 February 2024
(new) Not technically new (7)
But haven't been on in a while. Looking for friends :)
boomin February 2024
(new) Back after a while (1)
Hey guys! I'd totally forgotten about this place. Found my old laptop in the garage and decided start it up. Must be over 15 years now since being her
stormfem February 2024
(new) Hello [11]
Just popped in for a nose.. Its been years since I was last on
yerrez February 2024
(new) 12yrs back here (3)
show me the way ladies
toddster February 2024
(new) .:FOR ALL NEWBIES:. pinned [91]
Are you new to prodigits? And need help with any function of prodigits then please inbox me i reply to all messages . . Also welcome and come take a l
crowjester May 2023
(new) New but old. (0)
By the Gods I didn't know this place still existed. I was here a lot in my early 20s, met a lot of my oldest friends here. It's like going into a time
sonicmaster April 2023
(new) friends (2)
I need a friend to chat with
funleic April 2023
(new) Been a while (1)
Not been on here for years anyone fancy a chat?
ediroy November 2022
(new) Let us chat (0)
Welcome!! Chat me up
sidfire7 August 2022
(new) up the goes (4)
Buffer up everybody Are you are still? Having the thought? Sid.gif
glossyf July 2022
(new) New buds (2)
Hi am a woman ifrom Sweden n my best years. Looking fr buds for some nice banter. I wish all Who reade this a nice Day.
sundaykindagirl June 2022
(new) Buds wanted (6)
Both male and female must know how to hold a conversation ,have a laugh,no pervs

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