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glossyf July 2022
(new) New buds (2)
Hi am a woman ifrom Sweden n my best years. Looking fr buds for some nice banter. I wish all Who reade this a nice Day.
glossyf July 2013
(new) one time offer (8)
ok I open up for new buds exclusively for this weekend.
glossyf October 2012
(new) scottish (6)
new buds wanted current ones are mute so chatattive is a plus.
glossyf February 2012

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glossyf August 2021
I was downtown doing som earends
glossyf July 2014
@ paparoc - 8.04.10 - 10:38am I think it's more just me spidi......i have a habit of bein vocal bout my mo
glossyf October 2014
im kinda bored but a bit weird . . . oh well
glossyf April 2014
I like cats and sushi
glossyf April 2014
Gday mate

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