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gr8guy78 July 2021
(new) Newbie here (3)
Looking to chat and make new friends.
gr8guy78 May 2013
(new) New guy here [15]
Looking for some decent buds who like good conversation and have a great sense of humour.
gr8guy78 May 2012
(new) It''s that special time again (10)
Where i am looking for new buds. I am looking for unique people with a good sense of humour, not ya typicals. Think that's about it.

* Replies:
gr8guy78 May 2013
That wasn't me.
gr8guy78 May 2013
I did join up many years ago but never really used the site much.
gr8guy78 March 2012
facepalm @ her boyfriend and the comments on his wall.
gr8guy78 February 2012
That's it, its over!!
gr8guy78 February 2012
I would come on here and do a 'final' post tea

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