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quietbry May 2018
quietbry April 2012
(new) eyup......... (9)
or, as we say in yorkshire.....eyup lollypop
quietbry June 2011
(new) new....... (8)
ish. book me in for a bud donor card lollypop
quietbry April 2011
(new) the world........... (10)
will end tonight at 11:53 so.......chuffin party time dance4
quietbry April 2011
(new) newish (10)
i am....honest

* Replies:
quietbry April 2020
Quick Eyup for ya lollypop
quietbry April 2019
aaaaannndddd bump......
quietbry September 2018
More chance of platting sp*nk. Just saying lollypop
quietbry September 2018
Cant beat a nice pretty angle lollypop
quietbry September 2018
True love will never dielollypop

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