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saher02 March 2021
(new) Wait and C (3)
donot Cheat Others . BecOz they are nOt Watchng , But God is Watchng You.
saher02 March 2020
(new) new dy new life (1)
Take evryday like u are born new today and it is ur duty to prform a gud or a humble work for the sake of poor ppl.
saher02 July 2019
(new) dont sy i m positve show it (2)
Always find a new positve way to help and undrstand the ppl. dont say be positive show them to be positve...

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saher02 January 2021
saher02 January 2021
date ka advantg yh ha k ap ko pta chl jata ha k aj month ki phli tarikh ha or ap ko salry mily ge . . .

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