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proplife January 2021
(new) New here 33 m uk (1)
New guy here 33 M UK here for Lockdown 3.0 drop message or add me :)
dagenhamdavee1 January 2021
(new) Been here a while but never actually been on (1)
Hi all 51 M Hertfordshire here
vooltex January 2021
(new) hello everyone (7)
hi buddies.Who is ready for prodigits best experience
shairkhan January 2021
(new) date [20]
Anybody knows the advantages of date?
livedj January 2021
(new) not a newbie (2)
hi all been a member here for a long time, i logged in today to discover all my old buddies also havent been on for months so now im looking for bids
rolo November 2020
(new) It's been a while (8)
Thought I'd pop on for a quick look, was a regular about 10yr ago lol
garry4 October 2020
(new) Buddy (3)
Hi am looking for buddies
warded October 2020
(new) Hello 2 people (3)
if you like games, tech, music etc. join me in the appropriate forums and groups. welcome
dolphin71 October 2020
(new) Old member (9)
Hi I was here along time ago as dolphin3 come chat if you remember me lol
joybags September 2020
(new) New Last letter game pinned [13042]
Yaaay.. Lets go.. 1st word.. Enigma.. Manicure
wendyd50 August 2020
(new) Buddies (1)
For those who knew me as pc69, add my new profile, thanx
welshy78 July 2020
(new) Hi all (5)
Well Im new Im a make from sunny South Wales looking for some buds
no.way2020 July 2020
(new) Elo :) (4)
Technically not a newbie.. But havent been here in ages. Would like some new chatty buds or old buds if theyre still hanging about! xx
sammy19x June 2020
(new) Lady's (2)
Any bi ladies up for a new bud
cobez400 June 2020
(new) I'm a newbie (1)
Hey I'm new. Hope everyone is fine

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