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joybags 8 days
(new) New Last letter game pinned [13048]
Yaaay.. Lets go.. 1st word.. Enigma.. Manicure
zipil August 2021
frutcake April 2019
(new) Middle bit... pinned [7321]
Yep that tis be where im from...
c0nt3ntd January 2011
(new) *BigAl'sHouse* [2356]
old friends and new... Swing by and say hi. Wap, chat and be merry. Lets make this post the newbies chill out roommeditate ooh yeah! lol
reebok32 March 2021
(new) Clipart game pinned [2606]
Same idea as last letter just use a clip starting wit last letter ov previous clip. Rage rage
cassie84 November 2010
(new) Male or female game. [1537]
What all u got to do peeps is guess who's goin to post in ere nxt if it's goin to be male or female. :-) x
f1zzb0mb May 2009
(new) recommend a bud [530]
its like bud beggin but with a new thrilling twist!!! recommend ur best buds to other users. just put their name below n y others should bud them. off
xshaniah April 2010
(new) last post wins game [1916]
Yawl know how it works. Last post wins some imaginary pastry and a hamburger and a half empty beer hehe
trubleup October 2011
(new) introduce yaself [864]
time hurray pop ya name down if ya lookin fa new buds and tell us a bit bout yaself March 2020
(new) Groups on pro game. pinned [134]'/>Hi. Do u have a group and u wod lyk more ppl 2 join it, sign here wth yor group name and a brief de
nuttyf April 2012
(new) Yum or yuck food [784]
If a type egg the next person either types yum or yuck if they like it or not but after the yum or yuck that person types in a food and then the next
swirly77 August 2011
(new) I would like [385]
to adopt one of my buds and call him grampy dev. I'm not sure if the old timer is keen on it though chin Any ideas how i can convince him otherwise?
tracey41 September 2019
(new) *Poetry Corner* [498]
A place to rhyme and dine with friends and wine...A mix of new n old buds who wanna natter and clatter the keys to convey a message to each other. Gra
toddster May 2021
(new) .:FOR ALL NEWBIES:. pinned [83]
Are you new to prodigits? And need help with any function of prodigits then please inbox me i reply to all messages . . Also welcome and come take a l
cortex January 2011

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