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banbury February 2021
(new) Phone reception (4)
Back in the 90s reviewers used to test phones on signal strength something that never gets a mention these days. after researching it online Ive only
banbury January 2015
BT maybe purchasing 02 and EE. BT used to own 02 when it was known as CELLNET, and was then later renamed as BT CELLNET. they sold it off around 10 ye
banbury January 2015
(new) Orange Tokyo (3)
anyone remember this phone circa 2008? I fell for its chic looks and purchased it. it only got used once and the charger got lost. today after 7 years

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banbury January 2022
Flash is going to be the saviour of the universe lol
banbury July 2022
On 02 in the Uk you used to be able to use your credit towards a phone not sure if you still can though. But I dont think EE have ever done anything l
banbury February 2021
Yes and lets face it iPhones have never been known for good performance in that respect regardless of what modem is inside. Do you remember the case w
banbury February 2021
One thing I do know is that iPhones with Intel modems are not as good in the RF department as Qualcomn based iPhones and android devices. one assumes
banbury August 2019
I share your frustration sp*nkydj which is why I use a basic phone just for calling and texting. I find I sometimes touch the wrong letters on touch s

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warded August 2022
(new) Whatsapp drops support (4)
Of older Android and iOS models.

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