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spunkydj August 2019
(new) why are (7)
all the good phones touch screen as keypad is to small for my fingers
spunkydj July 2019
(new) Kaios (3)
what is this new operating system like
spunkydj July 2016
(new) tizen os (2)
What do people think of this operating system
spunkydj April 2012
(new) t-mobile full monty plan [22]
does anyone else have it and what you think
spunkydj January 2012
(new) t-mobile vairy touch 2 (2)
has anyone else got this phone and what you think my opinion is its good for price i paid for it 22 quid

* Replies:
spunkydj May 2019
my nokia made in finland lol someone full of cr*p
spunkydj August 2019
three does it all
spunkydj May 2019
not all phones made in china
spunkydj May 2022
it was rubbish then as it is now lol
spunkydj March 2019
opera 4.5

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