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spunkydj February 2023
(new) What os (3)
What os have you moved to and why
banbury August 2021
(new) Brand new Lumia 950 XL [12]
Had a surprise find online the other day in the UK. A Brand new 950 XL for 90 english pounds sterling in the box sealed. I felt I couldnt pass the opp
spunkydj July 2021
(new) Why would anyone (1)
Use an os thats dead technology moved so fast that these operation system cant keep updating with
3mel February 2021
spunkydj October 2019
(new) I wonder (1)
Who will keep using windows phones after 2019
arish187 April 2019
(new) Can't use marketplace (4)
I have a Nokia Lumia 610 I reset the phone created a new windows live I.D when I open market place I cannot download anything I have to create a new a
almeixar March 2019
(new) Tube Mate (3)
Where can i find downloaded mp4 video of this tubemate app in sd memory? videos are only available on the app only!
sisfreak2017 March 2019
(new) Microsoft 950 [22]
Am i the only windows phone user @prodigits
spunkydj February 2019
(new) what will happen (3)
once windows drops support for windows mobile 10
polo_011 February 2019
(new) Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows Phone 8.1 (7)
Microsoft took another step away from the smartphone business after it announced stopping all kind of support for Windows Phone 8.1. Users of the mobi
rick1979 February 2019
(new) best browser (7)
which one the best
loote February 2019
(new) windows mobile 10 support (1)
ends in july 2019 according to microsoft
tyuip April 2018
(new) Lumia 550 Jailbreak (4)
How do you know if the phone has been jailbreak or piece malicious code was is loaded onto it?
smiler05 May 2017
(new) nokia lumia n950 (4)
Can anyone tell me how to jailbreak my phone ain't a clue wot it is and how its happened
spunkydj February 2017
(new) coc coc browser (0)
The nearest to google chrome its in windows store now

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