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polo_011 February 2019
(new) Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows Phone 8.1 (7)
Microsoft took another step away from the smartphone business after it announced stopping all kind of support for Windows Phone 8.1. Users of the mobi
polo_011 September 2013
(new) Microsoft acquire Nokia Devices and Services Unit (4)
Seems the Trojan Horse aka Stephen Elop has done a fine job in bringing Nokia down to its knees and something many of us predicted long ago has happen
polo_011 September 2013
(new) HTC HD2 gets Windows Phone 8 por (1)
The HTC HD2 has been around for around 3-4years now, and seems to be the phone with the best mod community. It came with Windows Mobile 6.5, and has g
polo_011 July 2012
(new) NO WP8 for current WP devices (4)
Microsoft just confirmed that current Windows Phone 7 devices will not be getting Windows Phone 8, but some newer WP7s will get a 'Lite update' to WP7
polo_011 June 2012
(new) Windows Phone 8 Official (3)
WP8 has finally been unveiled, bringing support for multi-core CPUs, higher screen resolutions (HD720P and WXGA), deeper Skype integration,Nokia navig

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polo_011 February 2023
Sounds like something Crail and Mel would do lol.gif
polo_011 August 2021
shock.gif Good grief! That is a 6 year old phone now!! Wow time flies. Are you able to use any apps etc...? I see EOL for Windows 10 Mobile was early la
polo_011 February 2021
@ crail - 18.12.19 - 05:00am I think polo is right. Wasn't it called the pda forum or something?
polo_011 February 2021
Wasnt this forum always here? Or did it have another name? lol
polo_011 February 2015
Personally stopped using BBM today, I didn't use it much anyway, WhatsApp and WeChat fulfill all my needs and are far more efficient together, than BB

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dtwillia July 2010
(new) n900 259.99 [113]
uk pound on pay as you go.....i'm mighty tempted but is it old hat or has it got plenty of life left in it? that was from btw
polo_011 August 2010
(new) Got X10!! [174]
Absolutely loving it!! The screen is magnificent, UI is refreshing coming from symbian s60v5. LOving Android, just have to get used to the keyboard.
aleksdks July 2010
(new) Motorola Droid X.. [29]
thats right.. the latest motorola supports android os and its the best android of all times!! imo!! lol some descriptions.. Motorola Droid X first
f1ddy May 2010
(new) n900 or htc desire [14]
help i aint sure which is best
garion August 2010
(new) Google Maps [37]
I was surprised to find that there's no specific topic related to the app in this forum. It's now been updated to version 3.2 which in addition to str

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