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sisfreak2017 March 2019
(new) Microsoft 950 [22]
Am i the only windows phone user @prodigits

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sisfreak2017 February 2023
I moved to Android a few years ago, because Mel and Crail said I would be killed if I stayed on Windows Phone.
sisfreak2017 August 2021
Just wondering how long the Microsoft Store is going to support windows phones ? You can pickup Microsoft Band-2's for 5 quid sealed on fleabay., but they've discontinued the app which you activate the band and set it up, etc
sisfreak2017 August 2021
I took the motherboard out of my 950 and sold it separately after I smashed the glass. Someone snapped it up quickly. The 950 is very easy to
sisfreak2017 February 2021
I still have a 950 too, but don't use it as a phone anymore. I accidentally ate some of its screen at Christmas. drunk.gif
sisfreak2017 October 2019
I bet you gained access to this forum via 3mel or Crail. Rags . rage.gif

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5kidmore October 2013
(new) siemens cingular windows mobile pocket pc (1)
hi; need help on how to manually unlock pocket pc .

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