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spunkydj February 2023
(new) What os (3)
What os have you moved to and why
spunkydj July 2021
(new) Why would anyone (1)
Use an os thats dead technology moved so fast that these operation system cant keep updating with
spunkydj October 2019
(new) I wonder (1)
Who will keep using windows phones after 2019
spunkydj February 2019
(new) what will happen (3)
once windows drops support for windows mobile 10
spunkydj February 2017
(new) coc coc browser (0)
The nearest to google chrome its in windows store now

* Replies:
spunkydj February 2023
Aye only 3 os now android is and if in China harmony
spunkydj August 2021
Good luck finding apps when they shut everything off
spunkydj March 2019
still would not go back to windows phone i just got one of those new nokia feature phones and it does me fine as give up with these touch screens as k
spunkydj March 2019
no the last security update is in july
spunkydj March 2019
@ banbury - 9.08.18 - 02:46am As far as I know Windows mobile 10 support ends sometime in summer 2019 but

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