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trendsetta November 2016
(new) why???? (10)
are there people still buying windows phones
jidebl November 2016
spunkydj June 2016
(new) apps outside store (2)
how do you install apps outside windows store
almeixar May 2016
(new) Lumia 535 file manager (4)
Is there any app like xplore manager that can open all internal and memory card of this phone? It receive many files via bluetooth but get desappear a
smiler05 April 2016
(new) microsoft950 (2)
I'm having difficulty hearing anyone if I ring them . I can hear them they can't hear me . Any advice appreciated
spunkydj March 2016
(new) windows phone (7)
is rubbish would not get another one
banbury September 2015
(new) Cortana Uk availability (5)
ive heard the virtual voice assistant thats already available in the U.S will be available in the U.K today for existing handsets can anyone confirm t
pravinpa August 2015
(new) html files folder (0)
where can I find saved webpage? Plz tell me where is html files folder in windows phone?
mrwoody July 2015
(new) Uploading pics to Prodigits using a Lumia? (4)
I am unable to upload pictures to Prodigits straight from my browser. Apparently it is not compatible with Prodigits so I am left to upload via email
spunkydj July 2015
(new) download (3)
How you download music to this phone as it only streams i have a htc 8s
timokale June 2015
(new) Where can i download apart from sto (0)
Microsoft has been failing me, I had a problem with my initial ms account which am using on my Lumia820, after some while i tried to login in their we
knormoer May 2015
(new) good video player ? (0)
Need some video player that move the audio on a bit cause the picture and sound is not in sync with a certain avi file i want to watch. On pc i have m
kjbn April 2015
(new) o2 v ee (2)
Signl wise o2 but so expsive e not goo but cheaprr
banbury March 2015
(new) Windows 10 [14]
the windows phone name will be dropped and all existing phones with win phone 8 and 8.1 will get a free upgrade this year to windows 10 according to m
knormoer March 2015
(new) Advice (1)
When you update, dont do it with the powercord plugged in. Charge full, remove power, then update. Just my experience. It went on forever with that ge

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