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tyre_one October 2011
(new) what about Symbian? pinned [32]
why is everyone telling that symbian is bad, but they can't explain, why they think so? please, i want a clear comparison of performance, ease of use
conroy7 October 2011
(new) S60 vs PDAs pinned [311]
Witch is better s60 or PDA i want to know
biggzy March 2011
(new) Apps for PPC wm5/6 pinned [456]
thought id start a thread for apps, some apps are for certain screen sizes only so if any1 posts any plz state the suported screen size.
nasir107 October 2010
(new) Blackberry PINs pinned [123]
Add your Blackberry PIN on here to connect with other users 24-7 ! Lets start with 20DF687E - hip hop radio host here in the UK
bla..bla August 2010
(new) *Usefull Maemo Stuff pinned [47]
Please dont spam this up with things, try to keep it clean for users both new and old to post handy tips and usefull info for everyone to take full ad
stefdag May 2010
(new) Key Request pinned [291]
ok i searched here and i saw that we dont have such a topic here so i thought it would be good to make this so we can help people without pc to get ke February 2009
(new) TytnII or Nokia E90? pinned [49]
I just want the Best phone on the earth? lol
xxxx4u July 2008
(new) PDA/SMARTPHONE DIFF pinned [50]
i wul like 2 knw,whts differences betn them,mayb mst of u knw but jus curious..

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