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shadow27 3 days
(new) Guess the workplace [15]
From the phrase: ''You can eat anything you want.''
shadow27 10 days
(new) China [138]
says that Covid probably started via Australian beef exports laugh3.gif Where are the fact checkers now? Too busy with Mr bad orange man, I guess
shadow27 24 days
(new) Hong Kong [80]
Military intervention is imminent now as Beijing declares the protestors are 'terrorists'. The world is watching.
shadow27 26 days
(new) Black Fungus [26]
In early May, doctors in India began raising the alarm about a rise in mucormycosis - a rare and potentially deadly infection also known as black fung
shadow27 28 days
(new) The Birds (7)
Hitchc0ck based it on the short novella by Daphne Du Maurier (great story by the way). But the strangest thing is that just as h*tchc0ck hi

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shadow27 5 hours 4 minutes
eating.gif reeled a couple more in. Man, I can make a tonne of beans like this.
shadow27 5 hours 4 minutes
shadow27 5 hours 4 minutes
Earn Bonus in BIGO LIVE! New users filling in my invitation code 126683433 will get more surprises!
shadow27 5 hours 4 minutes
Got invited to Vanuatu today faint.gif
shadow27 3 days
Totally... Totally. I feel the same way about pies now.

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strawfox 3 hours 37 minutes
(new) We WIN pinned [2390]
BIDEN 2020 ... tRump 10 to 20
jlh1182 February 2021
(new) Venezuela Recovery [555]
I will attempt to highlight some of the things which may help Venezuela to find economic stability, or at least shed light on matters which appear to
mrfruity February 2019
(new) I Rekon [19]
Them Aussies av got the rite idea about avin Xmas in summer. Could be sat on beach or in me garden wi me Speados on now.instead of living room with ra
paibok June 2018
(new) Experts on prodigits? [33]
I have always wondered if there is one or two on here that are experts and we don't know i think i know someone who seems like she knows everything ab
1clivey1 July 2018
(new) trump/politics:..... [3686]
in office since 20/1/2017 continued:........

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