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1clivey1 21 minutes
(new) Movies 2022 [34]
Whats your fave movie this year? We went to see topgun maverick was great today its my partners birthday so cineworld here we come to see bullet train
1clivey1 22 minutes
(new) Thoughts18 pinned [4094]
Old one done so here we go
1clivey1 3 hours 40 minutes
1clivey1 15 days
(new) Well done england! [16]
England.gif well done you lionesses!
1clivey1 16 days
(new) Fave month [24]
Whats everyone's fave month? Mine is march xmas over with n spring is in the air

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1clivey1 21 minutes
@ wildfern - 19.08.22 - 05:15pm Did yous go for a Wimpy Clivey?Yea hun love wimpy lol
1clivey1 21 minutes
@ wildfern - 19.08.22 - 05:15pm Happy birthday to ur partner, sounds like a fun dayThanks
1clivey1 21 minutes
Bullet train was cool n funny
1clivey1 11 hours 9 minutes
My partner and my dogs
1clivey1 4 hours 30 minutes

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kipling April 2016
(new) Beetroot ... [30]
Your thoughts on the superfood ... And what foods do you percieve as being greatly beneficial

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