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3mel May 2022
(new) the coat hanger reflex ?? [20]
just seen this on Phillip DeFranco's show apparently if you stretch a coat hanger over your head, just about temple height, you have an involuntary reflex to turn your head to the side. I tried it and it kinda did work... a lit
3mel April 2022
(new) was that Will Smith stuff real ? [116]
I've watched a couple of videos and yeah the swearing and aftermath looked real, but the slap/punch looked like stage acting. kinda confused.[b
3mel February 2022
(new) Cover versions that annihilate the originals [61]
another list topic name your favourite cover versions of songs that wipe the floor with the originals. we all probably know Jimi's All
3mel July 2021
(new) Love Island 2021 [16]
I've never seen more than a few minutes of it myself but I understand some people enjoy it. g g g go!!
3mel June 2021
(new) have you heard of Hyperloop ? [40]
it's Elon Musk's much hyped high speed transport system. the basic idea is train like pods travelling at speeds of over 700mph in sealed, almost airle

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3mel 2 hours 18 minutes
anyone else remember that super strong brown parcel tape we used to have in the 70s ? the glue was so potent you could put it on your arm and rip a
3mel 2 hours 45 minutes
@ budgiesmuggler - 29.06.22 - 01:36am 1 day out of date corn chips = spew.gif Random POF single mums
3mel 7 minutes
@ mok214 - 29.06.22 - 04:17pm Are we really going to play the game where I disprove everything you say? [b
3mel 7 minutes
@ mok214 - 29.06.22 - 03:51pm Well, what do you expect with the Biden administration is actively undoing e
3mel 21 minutes

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ogdenz February 2022
(new) What was the last thing you learned? [11]
How to bake a cake? How to sow a button on? How to say swivel on it in Swahili? What was the last thing you actively learned? For me it was ho
wildfern July 2021
(new) Heart broken [34]
My Dad passed away on Friday, I feel as if my heart is ripping oot my chest, I was with him n held his hand til he took his last few breaths... no mor
strawfox 4 hours 2 minutes
(new) We WIN pinned [3676]
BIDEN 2020 ... tRump 10 to 20
shadow27 May 2022
(new) Mixup v 4.5 pinned [506]
Labour MP announces all pregnant women will be jailed for Christmas repost.gif
xivanax 20 days
(new) Whats for supper? [1947]
Supper lunch dinner. Whatever you call your evening meal

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