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3mel July 2021
(new) Love Island 2021 [16]
I've never seen more than a few minutes of it myself but I understand some people enjoy it. g g g go!!
3mel June 2021
(new) have you heard of Hyperloop ? [40]
it's Elon Musk's much hyped high speed transport system. the basic idea is train like pods travelling at speeds of over 700mph in sealed, almost airle
3mel June 2021
(new) Space X Dragon LIVE LAUNCH [68]
if all goes OK, they're not far from launching
3mel May 2021
(new) The Pentagon concedes UAP / UFOs exist [164]
Next month, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and other agencies are scheduled to deliver unclassified reports on UFOs to Congress.[
3mel July 2020

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3mel 1 hour 29 minutes
@ bambi..mk2 - 16.09.21 - 10:46pm Well as ladibud said ....that's lame as ... Unless you're paying for
3mel 6 hours 28 minutes
@ mok214 - 16.09.21 - 08:24pm Think Warrant Officers. We take care of our own.that totally ex
3mel 4 hours 16 minutes
3mel 6 hours 28 minutes
@ mok214 - 16.09.21 - 03:14pm My security clearance was mainly for hauling nuclear fissionable materials.
3mel 6 hours 28 minutes
@ ogdenz - 16.09.21 - 02:25pm Strawberries are available all year tins.I thought I

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wildfern July 2021
(new) Heart broken [36]
My Dad passed away on Friday, I feel as if my heart is ripping oot my chest, I was with him n held his hand til he took his last few breaths... no mor
shadow27 May 2021
(new) Mixup v 4.5 pinned [446]
Labour MP announces all pregnant women will be jailed for Christmas repost.gif
xivanax 1 day 23 hours
(new) Whats for supper? [1347]
Supper lunch dinner. Whatever you call your evening meal
4juice September 2017
(new) stupid ads [22]
Hi, can the site people remove the library advertisement ? It ruins my browsing experience to some weird theme and sometimes i cant read the texts. I
1clivey1 November 2017
(new) trump/politics 3.0 [2239]
trump episode 3.....has he built the wall yet?

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