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9362 1 day 10 hours
(new) Manchester united [30]
Spending all that money signing Sancho and got Ronaldo back as well but still lose to young boys of Switzerland in their first CL gamelol.gif.
9362 1 day 13 hours
(new) paedopile gangs in Rochdale [179]
Seems like this was going on for decades now.As well as nothing being done about muslim abusers in recent years,Cyril smith also got away with abuse f
9362 6 days
(new) Michael barnier (7)
The chief EU negotiator in the Brexit negotiations now says that EU immigration needs to be ended for between 3 and 5 years,saying it's not working a
9362 9 days
(new) Paris terror trial (0)
Starts today of those involved with the 2015 atrocities carried out in the name of Islamic state which killed around 130 people including many attendi
9362 19 days
(new) Benjamin mendy [42]
Man City footballer charged with 4 counts of r*pe

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9362 1 day 13 hours
Rather interesting that someone who supposedly hates paedophiles hasn't said anything in this post
9362 1 day 10 hours
Ogdenz not recognising humour
9362 1 day 10 hours
Well a rivalry with Sc*nthorpe would be harder then one with Everton
9362 1 hour
Most kids who are 14,15 years old are more then capable of making their own mind up about being vaccinated and should be allowed to choose for themsel
9362 1 day 13 hours
Maggie Oliver a detective who quit the force and turned whistleblower when the probe into the gang was halted called his complaint a kick in the teeth

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ladibud April 2017
(new) bratty kids... [122]
I am no parent, but you don't need to be to know what is bullsh*t and what isn't. so many parents lately hardly seem to look at thier kid
mwah6666 July 2021
(new) SA burning - South Africans [99]
What's happening in your part of SA?
mikeymk 3 hours 47 minutes
(new) Word Association 6.6 pinned [7910]
Other one's useless, so...
xivanax 1 day 23 hours
(new) Whats for supper? [1347]
Supper lunch dinner. Whatever you call your evening meal
afridi101 May 2021
(new) PRO's SOS Call! [44]
What you think Admins need to do to make PRO better nd up2 the modern day chat sites Standard?

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