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alanball 3 days
alanball October 2020
(new) Marcus Rashford [50]
Doing a better job as leader as the opposition than the actual leader of the opposition beg
alanball September 2020
(new) Norris Fan Club [49]
The other thread has been hijacked by a few dopes. Please pay homage to Norris in here beg Norris
alanball July 2020
(new) Sir Everton Weekes (9)
Tremendous name. Rip mush beg
alanball June 2020
(new) Illegal Raves [27]
Two illegal lockdown raves attracting around 6000 people in Manchester have ended with 1 dead, 2 stabbed and a girl r*ped. How have 2 raves of that si

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9362 July 2021
(new) Euro 2020 championship [782]
England squad announced today for the tournament delayed from last year.looks a good team think our defence is a bit weak though.wouldnt have picked s
afridi101 May 2021
(new) PRO's SOS Call! [44]
What you think Admins need to do to make PRO better nd up2 the modern day chat sites Standard?
mikeymk 1 minute
(new) Word Association 6.6 pinned [7951]
Other one's useless, so...
dodgey May 2021
(new) RIP Prince Philip [210]
RIP my favourite royal.
9362 June 2021
(new) Derek Chauvins trial [949]
Just started in America, charged with 2nd and 3rd degree murder. Could get up to 40 years in jail. CCTV showed him kneeling on George floyd's neck for

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